DASCO Cleaning Services Now Operating at our Leduc Facility ›

May 11, 2016

DASCO is proud to announce that we now offer comprehensive cleaning and refurbishment of all products we sell, as well as all oilfield related parts. Our proprietary cleaning process is completely non-invasive, and requires no sandblasting or other destructive intervention. Items such as bearings, pump internals and machined parts can now be cleaned to like-new specification without the risk of damage, or loss of tolerances associated with media blasting. Cable guards, centralizers, and other downhole tools can be cleaned faster and more cost-effectively, saving you money and time.  Equipment is expensive, and budgets are being cut. Don’t risk the run life of your products by compromising them with outdated traditional…

Leduc Facility Now Open ›

March 24, 2015

New Facility and DASCO Cleaning Services As we continue to grow, DASCO has reached the capacity of our old shop, so we have moved to a brand new facility located at 6905 39St. in Leduc. This new facility not only allows us to ensure that all orders are filled as quickly as possible, but also offers us the capacity for in-house training, warranty, and product development. Further, this facility will also be home to our new division, DASCO Cleaning Services. Please feel free to stop by and visit us, we’d love to give you a tour.

We have moved to Bow Valley Square 2 ›

September 25, 2013

To help server our customers we have opened a Calgary based office in Bow Valley Square located at: BVS 2 #3300, 205 5th Ave S.W. Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 2V7

Winterhawk Cable Protectors ›

April 26, 2013

Dasco is very pleased to offer the new Winterhawk Cable Protectors to our clients. The Winterhawk Cable Protectors provide a superior modular ESP cable protector, assembled and ready for installation. A few of the advantages of the Winterhawk are: -Adaptable to changes in cable configurations by changing only one (1) of the three (3) modularized protector parts when same size tubing is utilized -In most cases cable protector will outlast power cable -Repairable at the well site -Installation without special tools -Re-run rate of 98% -Available in tubing sizes 2-7/8" to 5-1/2" with cable sizes from #6AWG to #1/0 AWG -Suitable for SAGD operations -Designed for high thermal cycles -Winterhawk does not pinch cable to hold in place -Cable compression…