Defender MLE Guards are Here ›

April 20, 2018

Experience the ultimate in ESP cable protection with the only Canadian made cable guard system on the market.

Defender GEN 2 Guards are Here ›

March 20, 2017

The Ultimate ESP Cable protection system is finally here! After two years of development, DASCO has released our new DEFENDER line of ESP cable clamps. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada, these clamps offer the highest level of cable protection ever offered. The cross-coupling and mid-joint clamp system is designed with the most brutal wellbore environments in mind, and is built to withstand multiple installations. Currently installed in multiple SAGD wells with 100% success, these are the future of ESP cable protection. Click on the Products page for more information.

The Splitter - Voltage & Current Divider ›

October 17, 2012

Advantages of The Splitter (Important Note: PPE required during installation) The Splitter, available through DASCO, is the only known device of its nature to have passed rigorous UL Certifications.The “SPLITTER” is listed by UL under Category ANSI/ UL 347, UL file: NJiJ.E351345 at, RoHS Compliant, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ISO 17025:2005 Laboratory Qualification. Splitters sold in Canada are certified to CSA SPE-1000 field evaluation inspection to Canadian Standards. (STANDATA LEG-ECR-2 REV 14). The Splitter was developed in order to overcome hazardous and burdensome tasks associated with taking voltage measurements during commissioning of electrical equipment and periodic well testing. Fluid shots reveal both static and dynamic fluid levels in a well. The static level refers…